Client: Brandon Medical Info: E-marketing campaign


Faith PR was asked to design and implement a more structured and measurable e-communications strategy for Brandon Medical, an award-winning, UK-based medical technology company, to promote different products and information about the company to different audiences.


We began by working with Brandon Medical to identify three distinct audiences who they wished to talk to – GP practices, project developers and trusted contacts. These databases contained a total of around 8,000 contacts.

We were keen to test out different approaches to these audiences to determine the best ways of contacting them – whether through graphics-based e-mails or text-based e-mails, with different messages in the subject lines and bodies of the e-mails and sending them at different times. Over the initial four months, by segmenting these databases and testing different variations, we learned the best approach which was then implemented across all future campaigns.

After this initial testing period, we continue to send different subject lines and test their success on a monthly basis. We now send two e-mails to each of the three databases per month which allows for continued refinement of the content criteria and analysis of the results.

Every month, we produce a detailed summary of the campaigns and their impact. Incorporating data from our e-marketing software and Google Analytics, we assess the success of the campaign – who has opened the e-mails, who has clicked and where else they went on the company’s website to determine what they are particularly interested in. This allows for further work to be carried out – for example, by targeting those who were interested enough to open the e-mail, we can generate further interest through an offer or more information.

Over time, this also allows us to see which audience is most receptive to which products – valuable information for the company which allows for further targeting in future campaigns and through different channels.


There has been a growing awareness of Brandon Medical within the sectors we have targeted – seen by the warm response to the e-marketing campaigns across the range of audiences. E-marketing takes time to become established – you want the audience to have reinforcement over time that they are a brand they should be interested in and continued contact and continued pushing of interesting, informative and useful information has allowed this to happen. There have been a number of purchases made of high value products as a result of the campaigns and we have also distributed important information about the range of products and services offered by Brandon Medical to key decision makers.

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