Pets are the real winners of working from home

Written by Freya Lovedale

While the Faith team has been working remotely throughout the pandemic, we have had a few furry friends to keep us company.  The Faith pets have become part of our working lives, from cropping up on camera to barking in the background at the post! Overall, they’ve become our home office companions and I think it’s fair to say they’ve loved the extra attention.

Here’s how they’ve gone on…

Parker Perkins:

“My dog, Parker, clearly thought me being home meant more play time, walks and treats. He’s been a little pest (as usual) and made a few background “appearances” on calls barking away at whoever walks by. I’ve missed being able to leave him to be honest. If you have a dog, you know how happy they are to see you when you come home – that’s something that you don’t get in lockdown.”

Kirsty Social & digital account manager.

Lily Wobschall

“Lily has loved having everyone around as it means she’s been fed far more often than she would normally have been! She also likes to curl up close to the laptop as it’s warm. Typical cat – she doesn’t like my attention being elsewhere and has been known to join in Zoom calls, walking in front of the camera and occasionally she will knock things off the table to get attention.”

Kate PR account manager.

Charlie Hopkins

“If anyone is winning as a result of Covid, it has got to be our pets! Our cocker spaniel Charlie is loving having company throughout the day. On the days I wfh, he curls up at my feet and doesn’t leave my side all day and when I am in the office, he still has my husband for company and has the added bonus of getting to go on more walks than before the pandemic too.”

Stefanie Managing director.

Ralph Lovedale and friends

Having a lot of animals means it can get a little wild at times, they’ve definitely all loved that extra bit of attention whilst we’ve been working from home. The small animals were able to roam freely in the garden when the sun was out and Ralph, our dog, has enjoyed all the extra walks and stealing the occasional sandwich when left unattended! We have also welcomed three new pets into our house throughout lockdown bringing the grand total to 10 now!

Spending more time outside has meant we have also seen creatures that perhaps we wouldn’t usually if we were staying inside.

This includes animals that are thought to be declining in numbers – I was fortunate enough to see a rare vole whilst out on one of my dog walks and it’s sharing these sightings that brings good news in this hard time.

Hedgehogs are also making themselves at home in our gardens and our resident hedgehog, Herbert, has been getting the 5-star treatment with his own personal house and food every night!

Freya Administration Assistant 

If there is one thing we should all take from these strange times, it has to be the importance of animals and nature in this world.

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