Our latest addition to the team

In November we welcomed our first social media apprentice to the Faith PR team. Luke Buss, who lives locally and attended Lightcliffe Academy in Halifax, is working towards a Level 3 qualification in social media at Estio training in Leeds. After his first few weeks, this is what he had to say about life at Faith HQ.

Q. Why did you choose an apprenticeship over going to university?
A. I wanted to be in a working environment whilst I continued my education; I didn’t like the idea of a classroom environment.

Q. What do you hope to get out of your apprenticeship?
A. I’m hoping to gain more hands-on knowledge of how businesses use social media within their companies for different uses.

Q. How have you settled in here at Faith?
A. Everyone at Faith is so lovely and they’ve helped me to settle in to my new position easily. They’ve given me all the support I need and always made sure I’m happy with the tasks I am doing.

. What sort of work have you done so far?
A. So far I have been creating and scheduling social media posts for clients. I've also been involved with filming content, editing videos/images and creating graphics.

Q. What does your training at Estio involve and how will you apply this to your role at Faith PR?
A. The course involves six week long training blocks and after each week we will have learnt a new set of skills that I can then apply into the working environment.

Q. Are you enjoying it at Faith PR?
A. Yes I love it! Everyone is so nice and the work, although difficult, is really enjoyable. I’m looking forward to completing the rest of my apprenticeship here.

Q. After your first few weeks as an apprentice what would you say to someone thinking about an apprenticeship?
A. If you’re thinking about starting an apprenticeship but unsure then I’d say do it! I was unsure about doing an apprenticeship or going to university but I definitely feel like I made the right choice.


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