Insights – PR Audits

Get to know what others think of your business

Should your PR goals align with your business strategy? Do you know who your true key audiences are? Do they know about your business? Do you regularly communicate what they need to know?

Our PR audit service answers all these questions and more, to help you know what others think about your business and organisation.

We’ll examine your PR touchpoints from your proactive, reactive, past and current communications and capture the findings. We’ll gather audits with your internal, customer, stakeholder and target media audiences to see what they currently know, think and feel about your brand. We’ll identify your key audiences, establish what they know about your business and how you can tell them more in the most effective way possible. And, as well as the reports we’ll produce for you, we’ll also get you the results.

- Do you know how to target your audiences?
- Are your messages clear and consistent?
- Which communications have been the most effective?
- Are you missing any opportunities?

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