Finding the right career choice with work experience

Tom Settle joined our team for work experience for a week this summer before starting his final year of Sixth Form at North Halifax Grammar School.

Here, Tom shares his opinion on the benefits of work placements.

Education is a huge part of everyone’s life and for 14 years that is your main focus. As it comes towards the end of your academic years, it is important to get a feel for the real working world before you venture out into it. This is where work experience is of significant value. Compared to what you are taught in school, the first-hand experience is second-to-none and vital in everyone’s aspiring career.

I never grew up wanting to go into a specific career, unlike many of my friends who wanted to be teachers or doctors. So, the future has always been a scary prospect.

In my opinion, the only way to overcome is to go out and gain experience - working in different environments and industries, even if you had never considered them. Due to the huge array of possible occupations to choose from, many valuable career paths can be overshadowed and forgotten about, tunnelling your vision.

Undertaking work experience helps to broaden that vision by enabling you to objectively choose a career path.

At Faith PR I got an entirely hands-on perspective of what the Public Relations industry could be like and it aided my decision in which career path I should take. The tasks varied greatly every day, keeping me interested and engaged without fail, and I was even given the opportunity to work with clients outside of the office.

The work never felt like a drag or pointless. It gave me a sense that I was making a positive impact within the business and contributing.
This is the sort of experience needed to motivate you and see what really goes on behind the scenes of a company rather than just the general administration role.

At the end of placement you have more content for that all-important CV too - showing employers that you have spent your free time gaining experience to make you stand out from the hundreds of other contenders. It can also make your high-level education application that little bit more impressive, providing an improved chance of gaining a place in your desired university or college.

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