New term brings two schools together as one

The September school term marks a new era for Hipperholme Grammar School – after its Junior and Senior sites have merged together for the first time in its history.

Extensive building work has taken place over the summer holidays to transform the Senior site in Bramley Lane, Hipperholme, into one base for all the school’s pupils aged three to 18.

Refurbishments have included converting the former music block into the Early Years area with Reception and Nursery classes having their own self-contained play area. The music suite is now in the former sixth form block.

There have been further redevelopments to home two new music practice rooms, an office for Junior School Headteacher Sarah Weller and six refurbished Junior School classrooms.

The new term (6 September) also marks the beginning of Jackie Griffiths’ role as Hipperholme Grammar School Headteacher having taken over from Jack Williams who has moved to Bolton School.

“There has been a huge transformation over the summer,” said Mrs Griffiths.

“This has been a mammoth task from dismantling walls, ceilings, doors and fencing to building new toilets and classrooms. Everyone has worked tirelessly to ensure we would be ready for the new term.

“The Junior School yard at the front of school has come alive with fantastic activities designed by the children and painted in bright colours on the floor.

“It's going to be fantastic to be on one site – communication between the two sections of the school will be improved and we will work as one team. This site encourages our family ethos and allows us to share expertise across the age groups.”

Hipperholme Grammar School, which was launched as the independent Hipperholme Grammar School Foundation in 1985, previously had its Junior site based at Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe.

The transformation allows for the best quality teaching to be delivered to all children, supported by extra-curricular events and activities, that make it one of the most renowned independent schools in Yorkshire.

There are plans to hold an ‘official unveiling’ of the new site in October 2017.

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