Defender specialists to champion ‘Brand Yorkshire’ as newest members of county’s premier business club

Twisted Automotive founder Charles Fawcett has pledged to continue championing Yorkshire craftsmanship after his business became the newest member of Welcome to Yorkshire’s Y 30 business club.

The Y 30 is a group of Yorkshire-based businesses that are ambitious, innovative and passionate about the county.

Effective immediately, Twisted joins the linkes of Deloitte, Yorkshire Water, Barclays and Sky Betting & Gaming in the group.

Twisted were previously main partners of Welcome to Yorkshire’s White Rose Awards, which celebrates the county's thriving tourism industry and all of the fantastic people that contribute to it.

Based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Twisted Automotive sources local craftsmen to re-engineer the Land Rover Defender to the exacting requirements of its customers, while retaining and paying homage to the identity and spirit of the original vehicle.

Enhancements are made to the performance, function and overall aesthetic of the Defender, and the final product is exported to customers around the world.

Every vehicle leaving Twisted’s workshop proudly carries a plaque featuring the words ‘Yorkshire, England’ alongside the name of the engineer responsible for that particular build.

As a member of the Y 30, Twisted will be a part of the Publicity Caravan procession that is held on the route of the Tour de Yorkshire ahead of the race, while the business and its vehicles will also have a presence at Welcome to Yorkshire events throughout the year.

Twisted Automotive managing director, Charles Fawcett, said: “The Yorkshire identity has always been a key component of the business and we are proud to export a small piece of the county every time we sell a vehicle around the UK and overseas.

“Our new partnership with Welcome to Yorkshire and membership of the Y 30 will enable us to expose our brand to an even wider audience, and empower us to continue our campaign of championing the county, its entrepreneurship and craftsmanship to a global audience.”

Sir Gary Verity, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said: “We’re delighted to have Twisted Automotive on board as Y30 partners, a group of Yorkshire’s most ambitious businesses that are passionate about developing the county’s economy.

“Twisted are great advocates of Yorkshire and are wholeheartedly embracing all of our events throughout the year – they wowed our guests at the White Rose Awards in October with their stunning vehicles and will be part of our caravan at the Tour de Yorkshire in May.

“We’re excited to work with them in the future.”

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