Alreet pet! North East households dedicate hours to cleaning up after their pets

Pet owners in the North East dedicate the most time in the UK cleaning up after their animals – averaging two-and-a-half hours of EXTRA cleaning each week.

According to research by home appliance maker Vorwerk*, those in the region top the cleanliness charts ahead of the likes of Wales, the North West, East Anglia and London when it comes to vacuuming pesky pet hair and mopping up after muddy paw prints.

Nearly half (49%) admitted to spending an extra one to two hours per week just cleaning up after their pets, with over a third (35%) taking three to four hours.

And, alarmingly, a total of 8% said that they spent anywhere from an extra five to more than SEVEN hours of cleaning each week.

Thomas Henningsson, a cleaning expert from Vorwerk, said: “We know that the UK is a nation of pet lovers, but it can be annoying having to constantly clean up after them – especially when our pets leave their fur on our favourite armchair.  While it’s all part and parcel of family life, there are some quick ways to help keep pet hair at bay.

“It’s fair to say that not all vacuum cleaners are created equal, especially when it comes to cleaning pet hair.  Our cutting-edge Kobold VK200 vacuum cleaner efficiently and effectively cleans household dirt and pet hair from your home using filtering systems that deep clean and remove allergens.  For pet owners the multiple cleaning tools that it offers mean you can quickly clean pet hair and fur from all your carpets and soft furnishings.”

Further research found that whilst nearly a sixth (12%) admitted to being allergic to their own pets too, 83% of owners loved their animals too much to give them up.

Dr Jill Warner, Allergy expert and immunologist, said: “Pets are the second most important cause of domestic allergy, after the house dust mite. The allergens are found in the pet’s dander, hair, saliva and urine.

“The cat allergen is very small so can quickly and easily spread, often settling in dust from floors and soft furnishings, in the air and even on walls. Dog allergens are larger particles which may be the reason why fewer people show allergic symptoms to dogs than they do to cats.

“Allergen control must be aimed at areas in the home where people spend most of their time and where allergen exposure is heaviest. In practice this means applying special cleaning measures to the bedrooms and living room at a minimum.”

1.       North East 2.27
2.       Wales 1.55
3.       North West 1.52
4.       East Anglia 1.46
5.       London 1.46

Dr Jill Warner’s top tips for an allergy free home

  1. Keep pets away from your bed. It’s important to keep pets away from your bed to avoid them from spreading their allergens all over the area where you sleep. Use allergen-proof barrier covers on all mattresses, duvets and pillows and wash your bedding regularly at at least 60 degrees.


  1. Put soft toys in the freezer. If your child is allergic to house dust mites put soft toys in the freezer for 24 hours once a week to kill the mites. Wash the toy in the washing machine afterwards and leave to dry before allowing your child to play with it again.


  1. Replace carpets with hard flooring. Replace your carpets with vinyl or wood flooring as these accumulate less allergens. If you have rugs in your home wash them regularly.


  1. Vacuum regularly. Where carpets can’t be removed, make sure you vacuum regularly along with vacuuming beds and soft furnishings. It’s important to use a high filtration vacuum cleaner which is able to collect and contain very small particles and clean a variety of surfaces such as the Kobold VK200 home cleaning system.


  1. Decrease home humidity by increasing the ventilation. Try to keep your windows open and use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms to keep the house dry and ventilated. However, if you are allergic to pollen windows should be closed during the grass and tree pollen seasons.

For more information and tips on how to help keep your house clean when you have pets, please visit HERE.

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