5 examples of creative content worth sharing for your business

If your role covers social media then you’ll be all too familiar with the constant struggle of finding and creating great content. It not only has to be valuable to your audience, but relevant to your business.

Keeping your online audience engaged is no small feat – you get out of it as much as you put in.

When it comes to social media for business, many companies use their social channels to share their USPs and sales messages while treating it as a customer service platform.

There is no doubt that we consume media faster than ever before, and anything deemed slightly irrelevant to us is a massive turn off. We need to make every piece of content work as hard as it possibly can, and the only way to do that is to make it valuable to its user. By doing this we can share better stories, build better relationships and grow social capital.

If you’re struggling to create shareable content, here are five tips you can try for your own business:

1. Ask questions and get answers

Asking questions will encourage your audience to reply to your posts and will help you to build a relationship with your followers.

Twitter polls are a great way of doing this as your followers can engage with just a click. Or try them on Facebook using the different reactions as the way to answer. They’re great for insight as you can find out the opinions and preferences of your audience.

2. Use emotive language - people respond when they feel something

Emotive language works well as it grabs the reader’s attention and encourages them to react to the content you’ve shared – make them feel something and they’re more likely to not only engage with your post, but also remember it.

Phrases such as “this will make you” and “is amazing” will encourage your audience to read your content and emotionally respond to it.

3. Video and animated graphics

Video content pulls in higher engagement rates on average than posts with static images, so it would be daft to not include them where you can.

Don’t get carried away using your stock of full length videos though. Instead, optimise them for each channel. The optimum length differs depending on who you talk to, some recommend only 15 seconds, others, you can get away with three minutes.

4. Add your business' personality to the account

As well as posting about your business and services, add some light-hearted content to your feed by posting about events happening in the office to inject personality.

This will give your followers an insight into your business on a personal level which they may not otherwise be able to see.

5. Don't over complicate it

Posts which are short and sweet are more likely to get read when people are scrolling through their social media feed. If a post is really long and full of jargon, the chances are, your reader will lose interest and will not make it to the end of the post.

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